Read signs and menus all over the world.

Location, Location, Location

When users contribute a sign or menu, the GPS coordinates are captured. When you are near translated content, just click on the sign or menu icon to read it in your language!

Rate and Review

Get a bad translation? It happens. You have the power to fix it! Just rate the translation and provide feedback. Globili will work to get it right.

Some Highlights

User feedback makes Globili smarter and better. Globili leverages other sites and provides content relative to what users are doing.

Dietary Restrictions & Food Allergies

When creating your Globili account, select your dietary restrictions and food allergies. Now you can share this important information with your server in his or her language!

Some Highlights

Click the Chef Hat icon when reading a menu. Click the Translate button. Select the appropriate language and present to the server.

Business Owner? Be more Accessible.

Millions of people travel abroad each year for business and pleasure. Now you can make your business more accessible by using Globili. Email us a info@globili.com to get started and make your business truly international!